Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hidden Logos

I always find it interesting when a well designed logo has multiple layers. It shows that the designer was not only designing aesthetically, but also semiotically. Even though some of these are only cool looking, others have deeper meanings. For example, the Museum of London logo is made up of what appears to be different colored transparencies. In reality, each shape symbolizes the shape that London once had. The schizophrenic one cracks me up because the designer used simple imagery to portray two different emotions at the same time. You can check out the rest here.


  1. The examples you show here are really interesting and I'm glad you explained the Museum of London because that was the only one where I couldn't connect what the shapes meant. These logos are well designed because they work on multiple levels.

  2. I especially think the Society 27 and the New Man logos are very interesting. At first I was looking at the Society 27 and clearly saw the 2 and the 7. But after staring at it a while, I saw how they inverted the 7 and used apostrophes to create the 2! Way clever!