Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The best part of waking up...

I love this advertisement. The image is striking and grabs your attention right away. Then you look towards the right-hand corner to see the simple, effective tag line. I don't drink coffee, but I've definitely had mornings that I wish I did. I think the photograph itself is very well constructed, and even the tilt and choice of typeface is a nice touch.


  1. This is a funny ad. It's so direct and simple. I think everyone can relate to the feeling it conveys. I don't drink coffee either, but there are those times when I certainly wish I did.

  2. I definitely feel this way in the morning without my coffee! It's a humorous way of represting coffee. But it works! I wonder if they have an after ad campaign...their shoes must be all shiny and new. :-D