Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Life Size Pointillism

I love ads that not only advertise an object, but also the capabilities of that object. This ad is for Makita drills. It's advertising how precise the drill is by using it to drill holes that make up the image itself. Over 20,000 holes were drilled into a white wall, with careful calculations to ensure the proper illusion of tints and tones. Tedious? Yes. Awesome? Absolutely.


  1. I heard about Makita drills and of their superb power and precision. This ad definitely shows that they take precision seriously by showing how they created the drill on the wall. It's a powerful and unique ad which would never go away proving that the Makita company is strong enough to remain serving drill users.

  2. This is very amusing ad, as the tool that is being advertised is the same used to drill all those holes... very cool.